Why Jo's

  • Pure, hot & soft water. The never-recycled wash water leaves your vehicle with the best shine you can find… no soap residue & no water spots!
  • Well-lit, clean hand-wand wash bays… big enough for RVs & Motorhomes
  • 60’ long bays and plenty of space to move around, making it easy to reach every place that road grime can hide!
  • Automatic Touchless Bay & Blow Dryer. Leave it gleaming… a spotless wash & pro finish!
  • Outside vacuum cleaner… for inside clean-ups
  • Paved parking area A dust-free dry-out zone for your finishing touches.. shammy, shine & show it off!
  • Cleaning supplies, cloths, waxes, air fresheners for sale
  • Convenient & time saving, on-site accessories are available.
  • Pay by credit card or coin, fleet card or corporate account… the most convenient way that works for you and you only pay for the time you use the wash!